Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bosworlas Farm in the Cot Valley, Watercolour and mixed media

Bosworlas farm from the valley.  Watercolour and mixed media.

Just a quick post to prove that I have been working!   Life has been a bit hectic.

The Cornish farmhouse where we stayed one year, on the edge of the moor, above a rushing stream that tumbles down to the sea a little further down at Porth Nanven, below, one of my favourite places. 

This painting of the farm  is currently on show at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery on New Walk.

Porth Nanven, the Brisons and Cot Valley

Now to finish a painting I need done  urgently ......


Kat Farmer/van Hookens said...

...lovely watercolours :-)

vivien said...

Thank you :-)

guin saunders said...

Lovely bright watercolour paintings. I especially love the second one in the big long book. I just followed your blog hope to see more.

vivien said...

Thanks Guin :>) that was done sitting on the hillside on a glorious day - the other is a studio painting from another plein air sketch.